Monday, May 25, 2009

Diksha- becoming a Jain Monk

Mansi jhaveri is a 28 years old commerce graduate belonging to a wealthy diamond merchant’s family. She took three years to prepare in taking diksha and becoming a monk. On May 16th 2009 at Walkeshwar, Mumbai , in front of a huge crowd consisting of young and elderly Jain community and senior Jain monks, she was initiated into diksha. She went through the ritual of Rajo Haran and was presented with ogho- a string of woollen threads pieced together. As per the rites three strands of her hair was plucked and her head shaven clean. After taking bath she changed into white robes of a Jain Monk. A red-white black wooden utensil auctioned to the tune of Rs 28 lakhs was presented to her. The wooden utensil is used by the monk to collect alms. On becoming a monk she was rechristened Moksha Maina Shreeji Masatheeji. On her first day as a Jain monk she will return to her father’s home to collect her first gochari or alms.
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