Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nanavati Commission Report

The Nanavati commission report is nothing but a farce. As expected it gave a clean chit to Narendra Modi and its findings that the Godra incident was a pre-planned conspiracy. I think Narendra Modi and the BJP couldn’t have asked for anything more and no doubt, this report is timed to serve the much needed ammunition for his party to the run up of the 2009 poll. The Nanavati report went on to negate the findings of the justice Bannerjee commission report which clearly says that the fire incident in which 58 Kar Seveks died was an accidental one.
In first place it would be farfetched to expect the Nanavati report to indict Narendra Modi because the commission was appointed by his state Government and done in a manner to preempt any enquiry commission being appointed by the centre and the Supreme Court. How can the perpetrators of the Godra carnage turn righteous to appoint a commission to investigate their own crime? This would be question agitating every single Indian’s mind. The Gujarat government releasing only the first part of the report is under the law termed as illegal. The motive behind the part release of the commission findings raises doubt on the authenticity and integrity of the commission. It is once again dirty politics being played here by the Narendra Modi government and making a mockery of Indian democracy.
The report would drive the wedge between the Muslim minority and Hindu in Gujarat and vitiate the communal harmony prevalent in the aftermath of spate of bomb blast occurring in several Indian cities.
With the election around the corner the BJP’s communal policy of Hindutva would come to the fore. There will be attempt to polarize the vote banks on communal lines. The country is already witnessing it. The uncalled attack on Christian churches by the Bajrang Dal and VHP on BJP ruled states is a conspiracy to divide the people on communal lines.
The Nanavati report might have given a clean chit to Modi on the Godra train fire incident but it cannot wash off his sin on the carnage that followed in which many innocent people were killed.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ganesh Chaturthi - Lalbaugcha Raja

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