Monday, April 20, 2009

Election Campaign Trail of Priya Dutt

Priya Dutt is the Congress candidate for Mumbai North Constituency. I had the occasion to capture her through my lens while she was in her campaign trail in Kurla east. My first impression of her was her simplicity, humbleness and dignified character. Notwithstanding her Bollywood background of being daughter of yesteryear actress the late Nargis and Late actor Sunil Dutt and having a star brother Sanjay dutt, she comes across as a down to earth next door girl. Throughout her campaign I found people from all walks of life coming forward to greet and cheer her. She would reciprocate with a smil
e and folded hand saying Namaste.
She became a Member of Parliament for the first time when she won the last Lok Sabha election in 2005. As a MP She enjoys an excellent track record of achieving a lot for the benefit of common people of her constituency.
One can visit her website listing out all her achievements and her vision for people of India.
Here is the link-
I think today we need leaders like Priya Dutt who is young and dynamic and above all working with dedication and sincerity for the common people. On the polling date I hope people in large numbers would turn out to vote braving the sweltering heat of Mumbai.
Check out images of Priya Dutt's election campaign trail-


ankita said...

lovely pics can i get one or two of them from the india elections album

rajen nair said...

Thanks ankita for your comments. Let me know what images you need.
I had uploaded more images on election in my website. let me have your email for me to send images.