Monday, February 9, 2009

Featuring New Artist


I have started a new page wherein upcoming budding artist will be featured in our website, thus giving artist a platform to showcase his or her talent.

I invite Photographers and Painters to send in their work, which would be screened by experts for final selection for featuring in the site.

Images or painting must be your original work and only four images will be accepted for featuring in the site. Images will be of jpg and not more than 100 k. You may mail your work to me. It would be featured in contributor's gallery.

Your work will get exposed to a wide range of audience mainly consisting of reputed artist, photographers, art dealers, photo-stock agency who might be potential buyers.

This week I have pleasure in introducing upcoming artist Sheela Padmanabhan whose oil painting depicts tranquil figures picked up from daily life as well as reflecting traditional and cultural life of kerala, God own country.

Link to Sheela page-

Your suggestions and comments are always welcomed.

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