Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pithrupaksh - Paying Obeisance to Ancestors Soul

Pithrupaksh is an important event for the Hindus in which a person offers Sraadha (religious rites) to their Ancestors ( Pitru) soul as mark of paying obeisance. It falls on the month of August-September and is spread over fifteen days. The Hindus conduct religious rites near the bank of the holy rivers in honour of their departed souls. Pindadanam is offering of food to the departed person. It is believed that even after death the deceased person is in desire of food, hence food is offered to satisfy this desire. In Mumbai the people throng the Banganga pond located in Walkeshwar, South Mumbai to perform these religious rites. The banganga provides most pious settings to hundreds of clean shaven people squatting on the steps of this splendid pond, deeply immersed in praying and paying respect to their beloved departed ones. Offering of food and water and chanting of prayers under the expert guidance of the priest were most common sight. For me a visit to Banganga turned out to be a rich spiritual experience

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