Monday, October 27, 2008

Bull Temple of Bangalore

My recent visit to Bangalore to attend wedding of my nephew was a memorable one. Though I stayed for less than a week but I managed to visit few tourist spot.
Lal baug garden located in the heart of the city is spread over 240 acres of greenery and considered the lungs of the city serving fresh air against the city pollution. Covering the entire garden by foot is an exhaustive exercise but it is worth it.
Chickpet market is famous for silk & kancheepuram sarees. I was told that 40 miles away from Bangalore there many farms breeding silkworms out of which the finest silk is spun out. Garment shops in chickpet offer all kind of exotics colours and exquisite hand embroidered sarees. For bulk buyers the purchase turns out pretty cheap.
There is number of temples in Bangalore but none to beat the bull temple in term of spiritual fulfillment. The gigantic stone carved sculpture of Bull located inside the temple is awesome sight that instills within us a feeling of piousness and bliss.
When you talk of Bangalore one cannot miss mentioning about its balmy cool climate, no sooner I landed in Bangalore the skies opened out welcoming us with drizzle. Throughout my stay the sky remained overcast with intermittent rains and nip of chill hung in the air.
The area around majestic (old Bangalore) has cluster of old buildings milling with crowds. The roads are narrow with lot of interjection thrown in, creating traffic bottlenecks. The city terribly lacks in infrastructure with hardly any flyovers built. I am told that Metro is coming up, hopefully that will ease the traffic congestion.
Whereas the outskirt of the city offers an impressive sight with top corporate IT honchos located there. Bangalore is the hub of IT industry and it is the common sight to see computer geeks carrying laptops round the clock and sleek cars dropping call centre employees at offices. Swanky Pubs and restaurants and shopping malls are sure sign of the city coming on its own.
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