Sunday, December 14, 2008

Human Chain against Terror Attack in Mumbai

On 12-12-2008 morning the people of Mumbai had formed a human chain beginning from Taj Hotel snaking through the Trident hotel and CST station. These were the spots where scores of innocent people lost their precious lives during the recent Terror attack. The call for human chain was meant to protest against the Terrorist attack. People from all walks of life, the rich and poor, kids and school children, young and old, Indians and foreigners actively took part in forming a long serpentine human chain. I came across few children who came from Latur, interior of Maharashtra, to take part in a football game held in Mumbai, as preparation for Olympic game meant for disabled. They belonged to Pandurang Nivasi Mathimand Vidyalya , latur, Maharashtra. What was very moving is that these boys are mentally challenged and were taking part in the human chain to pay their respect to those who died. I asked one of the kids what made him come at Taj, he replied that firing had taken place in Taj and people were killed. Their teacher Rajesh Patil said that while watching live telecast of the Taj hotel siege, these children had many unanswered question coming from them as to why they were killing people, what they get out of killing innocent and so on. They were terrified watching the live television of the terror attack.
Aftermath of the terror attack, Taj hotel has become a sort of Terror tourist spot. The locals and foreigners throng to catch a glimpse of Taj hotel where the terrorist and the Commandos were engaged in 60 hours of gun battle. People pose in front of camera with Taj hotel in the background to carry back with them as memorabilia.

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